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DEAR CHRISTINE: I’m against couple staying in my home


DEAR CHRISTINE:  I’m against couple staying in my home

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DEAR CHRISTINE, Please tell me what you think about the following scenario.

A woman who has been a friend of my wife for many years telephoned to tell her that she and a married couple whom we have never met would be visiting our home in the near future.

My wife’s friend,who I shall call “T”, then invited herself and the couple to stay with us for the week of their visit. To my surprise, my wife accepted this offer before asking me if it would be all right.

Christine, I love my wife and I am willing to have her friend stay with us, but I do not like the idea of having a strange couple staying in our home as well. We have a small two-bedroom, one-bathroom house, and it would be too much of an inconvenience for five adults to live under our roof for “only” one week. I think I should have been consulted before my wife made these arrangements.

Furthermore, I think “T” should be informed that she is welcome, but her friends should make arrangements to stay elsewhere (like a hotel).

My wife thinks I’m being selfish, unreasonable and inhospitable. What do you think?

– H.D.

Dear H.D.,

I tend to take your side concerning this arrangement. Yes, your wife should have consulted you first, and, yes, “T” should have cleared the sleeping arrangements part with you.

I believe she should let her friends know that there’s only one guest bedroom available in the house and you cannot afford to have another couple living under your roof.

Perhaps “T” can suggest that they stay in a hotel or guest house – maybe one that is much closer to where you live.