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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Hands off Mr Brownlin’

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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Hands off Mr Brownlin’

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Workers at a south coast hotel, popular for the slippers they wear, have made a special request to highlight their displeasure with some people who like to sit down near Nelson and argue every so often.

These moccasin princes and princesses say it is unfair for soapbox talkers to pull down and criticise them ever so often under the lights and in full public scrutiny.

They are saying that it is always  made to seem as if the brownlin’ who has a lot of power and say from Moy-Bay to Oh-Chie chi to nee-Grell, got favours that others before haven’t gotten. But they say the results are there to show what the man has done.

So even though it is not the land of milk and honey, the people wearing those shoes ideal for beaches across Barbados or indeed the Caribbean, say they are happy and glad, he came, promised and delivered.

They also said it is wrong to talk a lot against a man and then leave spanking surroundings in Grazettes and Lodge Terrace to go into the man’s kitchen to enjoy a free meal.

In these days of social media and people posting things on Instagram and FB, a word to the wise: Be careful.


Waiting for a berry

All eyes are on the period August 1 to 7. Everybody is looking to see which of the big-ups will be going into their deep pockets and offering a berry or two to a worthwhile cause.

The time for pretty talk done. People want action. So the question is who will make a donation so a brethren or sistren can have reason to laugh all the way up the hill.  Some people are peeping out of the cracks and crevices to see which fellow, having made a fortune from consultancy here and consultancy there, will put a little bread on the table so a fellow or a gal can sit in the mount and sip on a fruit punch while absorbing a novelette.

Perhaps, TUGIW should tell the uninformed proletariat how difficult  things are for the underpaid and overworked dispensers of knowledge and enlightenment. They should cause to be made public a breakdown of the pittance they gain showing how it matches up against friends and foes, whether in Rowleyland or those still analyzing in a kingdom how 50 plus one gives a clear majority.

It should be made public by August 10 who broke the financial shackles and have been generous so that there is a new dawn and a better day for those coming on stream.

The public will eagerly await the new words to the tune of the Emancipation song to see if it is still popular all across the Caribbean.


Doubt over numbers

The question on the lips of many people is: was there something wrong with the numbers? The little ones, smart and not so smart, complained after they saw the numbers that they were not simple to tackle given the path that had been prepared. Now, many are asking whether it was for under-11 or over-11  for which the work was targeted.

So people are wondering whether there has been an adjustment to correct the wrong and whether this has been holding back the outcome of the big assessment.

The other query many have raised is why is the process not faster and cheaper today than it was 20 years ago.

Hopefully, the Old Man Pappy, Mr Giggle and Miss Most Wigs will soon explain if something went wrong and whether the process of overview used was the best system in place.


Woman with clout

June is not too soon. Listen out for the  name in July of a woman who likes to walk the avenues, byways and road ways  supporting the position of the privileged  144 000. This woman hasn’t just come to town and will be calling a lot of shots  when the Eager 11 and others outside of that team hold their pow wow. Some people who spend a lot of time near the River Bus Stand are eager for her to go.

One man on a sabbatical since last year said he has nothing to say since he wants to remain secluded. He has been reading about the credit union movement and watching old movies and footage of Barbados of yesteryear.