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Colin Spencer in All Stars fold again

JOHN SEALY, [email protected]

Colin Spencer in All Stars fold again

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CALYPSONIAN COLIN SPENCER is under the covers of Cave Shepherd All Stars Calypso Tent again after a three year layoff amidst controversial circumstances.

Spencer, speaking to NATION ONLINE after the 2016  launch of the All Stars yesterday, said it was not a swift decision for him because he had to think of his relationship with House of Soca, the tent in which he began his calypso career and Headliners, the tent in which he found solace after leaving the All Stars.

Although the reason for the departure has not been fully explained, Spencer has reconciled his differences with Eleanor Rice-Watkins, manager of the tent which opens its doors for the 2016 season on June 11 at Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, St Michael.

Spencer in giving a reason for his return said he was encouraged to do so by someone who was close to the tent.

“The last year I sang with the All Stars was in 2013, two years I was singing with the Headliners. I got two calls in February; they were from persons who were associated with All Stars at management level. I will call the name of one since he was part of the head table this evening. Wayne “Kool” Simmons called me in mid-February and asked me if I would consider returning to the tent,” recalled Spencer at the tent launch at Cave Shepherd Broad Street.

He said the second call came from someone who told him that they could see him “playing the role of the mentor for which I will be paid”.

Spencer said he was not an individual who made decisions for personal benefit only.

“I did not sleep well Monday night because I also had a meeting with House of Soca over the weekend. There I was; House of Soca was waiting on a decision from me and I had to tell Headliners something. I have to tell All Stars something . . .”

He said after reconciling his conflict with his former colleagues in Headliners and House of Soca, he decided to walk away promising that his last two years in calypso would be spent in House of Soca because he began there.

Spencer said he was quite aware that there could be a conflict with some of members in All Stars on his return.

“I wondered about that and asked management if they discussed my return with the calypsonians who were here while I was away. They assured me that they are seeking my talent and they don’t see why anyone should object,” Spencer said. (JS)