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Parental support key


Parental support key

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PARENTS HAVE BEEN urged to help their children transition from primary to the much different world they will experience at the secondary level.

The advice came from Angela Smith, principal of Gordon Greenidge Primary School, during her report at the school’s graduation on Wednesday.

“Research shows that students who receive the greatest measure of parental support tend to outperform students who receive little or no support,” Smith said.

The principal also provided statistics to show that girls took longer to settle into new environments and that lack of confidence could prolong that process. She listed fear and failure as factors that students could experience.

 “Parents and guardians can assist in nurturing confidence and building self-esteem by giving praise willingly and often, not only for what you may consider to be big important tasks but also for small simple tasks,” she said.

Smith also recommended devoting time to the children and establishing and maintaining good relationships with their teachers.

She cautioned students that they will experience some changes, challenges and opportunities and that they should be patient as they would not get everything immediately.

Top girl at Gordon Greenidge Primary School Christina Watson standing proudly with her mother Cheryl Watson.


Dr Leah D. Garner-O’neale, the keynote speaker, told the students that it was better to sometimes reduce large goals to smaller, more achievable ones.


She advised parents to encourage students to stick to their passion and students to be sure that their chosen occupations aligned with what they were passionate about.

“Graduands, go after your goal firmly and deliberately; if you try to touch it lightly, it will not work out good for you,” said Garner-O’neale.

Head girl Christina Watson received many awards for her performance in the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Exam. She received 90 per cent in both mathematics and English with a B in composition.

The top male performer was Trimaine Greaves who got 88 in both mathematics and English with a B in Composition.

The two shared the Gordon Greenidge Challenge Trophy. (KA)

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