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DEAR CHRISTINE: In love with a married man


DEAR CHRISTINE: In love with a married man

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I was very fortunate to get a good job after being unemployed since I left school over three years ago.

I get on well with everyone, but there is one man in particular who seems to pay more attention to me than all the others. I like him very much, but discovered he is married with children.

His wife is a nice, quiet woman, who he never seems to go out with. I have a friend who started going out with a married man and he spends a lot of time with her. He also keeps her in a home.

I don’t want to end up like that, but I do love this man very much and I am sure he likes me a lot too.

– D

Dear D,

There is no harm in liking someone who is married. Being married does not stop one from being a nice person. Maybe this man is happily married and would not want to have an extra-marital relationship.

It would therefore be a good plan for you to make up your mind that if the temptation did arise, you would not make that first step which so often leads to trouble.

If you are asked ou “tjust this once”, do notaccept it. This usually leads to “just once more” until you are up to your neck in a heartbreaking affair. Be strong and save yourself and other people much unhappiness.


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