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DEAR CHRISTINE: Afraid of losing married lover


DEAR CHRISTINE: Afraid of losing married lover

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DEAR CHRISTINE, It is now eight months since I started being friendly with a man who is married. I did not know he was married until a friend told me. He also has two children.

Although I like my friend, I find that she is sometimes jealous of me and would say things to make me feel bad. She says that she knows someone who knows this man’s wife and what a nice person this woman is and how the husband, who is my boyfriend, treats her badly and hardly gives her anything for the children.

It is hard to believe that, Christine, as he gives me everything I want. I told him what I heard and he said not to believe it.

I talked to him again about what I heard last week and he got very annoyed and told me to shut up. I was afraid that I would lose him so I have not said anything more about it. However, I don’t know what to do.

– T.E.

Dear T.E.,

I believe you do know what to do – give him up. You are having an affair which makes you feel guilty. You cannot comfort yourself by thinking that you are not harming anyone. You know that you are harming this woman and her children.

The time, affection and money he spends on you could better be spent on his wife and children. In other words, you are robbing them.

Find someone who is not married who you can love without an uneasy conscience.

By the way, I don’t think your friend is jealous of you. She is simply trying to help you find the path of light and do the right thing.


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