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Some have little to celebrate


Some have little to celebrate

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I AM AT LAST lending my voice to the debate as to whether this year of celebration of the 50th year of Independence and the financial and other costs attached thereto are justified.

I have noticed where something new has been added – that Bajans should or must sing the National Anthem wherever they are across the globe. I have paid close attention to the year of celebration and to the National Anthem and I have my doubts.

The emphasis on the year of celebration is not even to some extent on reflection and recognition of our evil deeds and plea for forgiveness, and the moral fortitude to do better in future and so enhance lasting peace and genuine prosperity.

Is it our righteousness in God that is responsible for violent crime, a grossly arthritic economy, deceit and dishonesty in high and low places? Please, answer the question.

I cannot go too deep. But I must say that there are many people who do not squander their wages and yet they have nothing to celebrate. And as regards the National Anthem: “These hills and fields are now our very own . . .”. Tell that to the squatters who would be glad to do better but cannot.


I would be the last to scornfully criticise the poor. Man in this world is very competitive and ruthless. The strong will always have his and what belongs to the weak. The successful in this country; some of them would be total failures in other countries. A percentage of people in every country are inadequate. A good sportsman in Barbados would be well below average elsewhere. So consideration must be given to the weak.

Now let us return to the Anthem. We know that some people with the best will in the world are unable to own property. Take a female with two children, for example, that gets a meagre wage. She cannot own property. So why should she joyfully sing the National Anthem – “These hills and fields are now our . . .” when she has title deeds only to poverty.

Please compose a ditty about peace and harmony, honesty, keeping the environment clean – do not litter, do not litter, do not litter. And let it be sung in schools, on the radio and television frequently enough for the next 50 years.


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