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DLP condemns social media post on contaminated water


DLP condemns social media post on contaminated water

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THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY has condemned a recent social media post which linked a spate of recent deaths to lead contamination of the water supply.

A statement from the office of General Secretary George Pilgrim likened it to a threat to national security and called on all Barbadians to condemn any actions which seek to sully the country’s name.

It also said there seems to be a trend to promote fear in the population and “the issue of our water supply should not be used as a political tool to gain favour or to do downplay the efforts of those behind the wheel”.

The full statement is below:

Statement issued from the office of the General Secretary George A. Pilgrim in response to social media campaign condemning our Water Supply and linking it to deaths in our country issued on July 1 2016.

The Democratic Labour Party has taken note of the message circulated on social media which sought to give the impression that something was wrong with our water and its possible links to recent deaths through lead poisoning.

The Democratic Labour Party’s views with great suspicion any attempt to treat to an issue such as our water supply in such a manner.

We consider water to be in the realm of National Security and any threat to water is a threat to National Security.

The authorities responsible for locating the origin of this campaign should move with haste to ensure that the appropriate message is sent to the public regarding the abuse of social media and the undue harm it does to our fragile open economy.

The Democratic Labour Party is picking up a trend associated with …. a new form of campaigning by mistruths and creating FEAR among hardworking Barbadians. We want to advise and suggest that if this action is part of a strategy to cause confusion and create talking points among Barbadians about governance .. it is WRONG!!! 

The issue of our water supply should not be used as a political tool to gain favour or to do downplay the efforts of those behind the wheel. Barbados deserves better!!!

There must be a limit to what is right and decent in our country and any attempt to give the world  the impression that people in our country are dying because of our water is WRONG!!!.

 As a country, we must resist this new form of messaging which has taken root and seeks to gain traction. All that is missing from this equation is an Advisory issued by a country against travel to Barbados because of a water issue and threatening to undermine our economic gains.

We took note of recent incidents – one with respect to Foreday morning activities and the second in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago associated with ISIS  and  the damaging  role  social media can play. These acts have consequences which are extremely harmful and can dislodge an entire society.  We appeal to those enticed to follow this road in the future … Please. It is…WRONG!!!

The Democratic Labour Party is calling on all Barbadians to condemn this latest attempt to sully the good name of Barbados and put country first.

The Party thanks the Barbados Water Authority for its efforts over the years in successive governments to bring quality delivery and a reliable service of drinking water to our homes. (PR/SAT)

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