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‘Misery’ downwind from farm

CARLOS ATWELL, [email protected]

‘Misery’ downwind from farm

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SOME COLERIDGE and Parry Road residents in St Peter are saying the practices of a nearby farmer are a threat to their health.

Members of the farmer’s family are refuting those claims, saying they had already been visited by the police and cleared.

For more than two years Philip Matthews has been complaining that chemicals being sprayed at a nearby farm were being picked up by the wind and blown onto his family’s properties, adversely affecting them and their plants. He has taken to Facebook to vent his frustrations in a desperate bid for help.

The following is taken from a post made around two years ago: “I need a reporter to come and see how horrible my family [has] to live under a constant attack from a farm upwind with their chemical spraying and how sickly they have our breadfruit tree – [they are power] spraying insecticide and weedkiller and we even get sinus infections. (CA)

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