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DEAR CHRISTINE: Dumped, but I can’t forget him


DEAR CHRISTINE: Dumped, but I can’t forget him

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DEAR CHRISTINE, FOR THE LAST three years I did everything I could for the guy I am (was) engaged to.

I cooked and washed for him. When he could not get a job he could have all the money I worked for. Now, suddenly, he has walked out on me.

I knew he used to go out at times with other girls but he never slept out until now. All I see of him these days is when he comes to pick up clothes that I wash and press. When he takes them he does not bring them back.

Two weeks ago he took the last set. When I asked him what I was to understand by that, he said I was to understand he was not coming back.

My mother tells me to forget him and to go out with my friends. But I just cannot because I always loved him and thought he wanted to marry me since he used to say how much he loved me.

I wish I knew what to do.

– S.O.

Dear S.O.,

Until you have come to accept what’s happened, it is no good rushing out to other people.

You must first try to face it and accept it, before you go about forgetting it.

Keep quiet for a while until you feel like getting back into circulation. Take your mother’s advice after this period.

Seek out friends who will help you to rebuild your life.

When you’re feeling better, I’m sure you will realise that a broken marriage might have wrecked your life, whereas a broken engagement shakes it for only a short while.


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