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‘Prime property’

YVETTE BEST, [email protected]

‘Prime property’

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A NEW DEVELOPMENT AT Lancaster, St James, is expected to bring some major returns to the Government of Barbados.

That projection from Minister of Housing, Denis Kellman who commended the fast-food chain Chefette for its foresight in building a branch at that location.

One of the best commercial sites in Barbados will be that development at Lancaster. As you would appreciate, it’s a four junction, you go the East, the South the North and the West. And Chefette has quite cleverly recognised what other business people should’ve recognised,” he said.

He said Chefette now has a “golden opportunity” to recapture the market they had at the Sunset Crest branch, which was sold several years ago. “That area at Lancaster is going to become one of our prime areas and that is the area that might help us to reduce our deficit in a significant way. Because we have a pretty large portion of land on that area. . . .When you have land like that, you must maximise the returns so that you can help the poor people of Barbados. (YB)