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DEAR CHRISTINE: Tempted to touch old flame


DEAR CHRISTINE: Tempted to touch old flame

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Dear Christine,

I HAVE BEEN married for the past 15 years and have never once cheated on my wife. However, I am faced with a situation and I am hoping you will help me.

Before my wife and I were married, I was in love with a woman who broke my heart. In fact, I was engaged to her for six months before she called it quits. She left the island and started a new life.

We never once got in touch with each other after the relationship came to an end.

I thought everything between us was completely over and I have been happy with my life.

Two weeks ago, I saw my former fiancé and all the old feelings came back. She was on the island for Crop Over and we had lunch out the same day I saw her. It was not planned but we met in a restaurant and sat together. Of course, the conversation shifted to “us”. She said all those years she still had me in her thoughts. She was married and divorced soon after and had one son who is now in his teens.

She said she was sorry for breaking up the relationship and wanted to know if I still loved her.

To be honest Christine, I have feelings for her now that I’ve seen her but I don’t want to cheat on my wife.

My ex is on the island for four weeks. Do you think I should entertain or ignore her? She gave me her telephone number where she can be reached as well as where she is staying. Do you think I should keep in touch?

– M.K.

Dear M.K.,

No! You have been faithful to your wife of 15 years and I’m sure you’re happy in your marriage. Do not allow ghosts of times past to lure you into cheating on your wife.

Get rid of the number and contacts this woman has given you and let her know you don’t think you should stay in contact with her. Old feelings may come back but you don’t need to give in to them. She already had her chance and she blew it.

Don’t give in to the temptation you’re currently facing. It’s not worth it.