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DEAR CHRISTINE: Not sure where I stand with her


DEAR CHRISTINE: Not sure where I stand with her

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Dear Christine,

Since my girlfriend’s mother would not allow her to take her best friends to her home, we would meet outside. It was not easy since she was dropped to and from school. However, she used to manage arranging meetings.

Well, three weeks ago she made plans to meet me but never turned up and I have not heard a word from her since. I pass her house often and see her, but she would not budge to give me a sign that everything is all right.

I’ve telephoned her on her cell a few times and even called her home number. I’m always told by her sister that she is out, but I know that this is not true. I still care for her and want her back. What do you think?

 – A.W.


Dear A.W.,

It seems like she has called it quits in a hurtful way. You never mentioned your age or her age but for sure she must be quite young if she is being dropped to and from school.

It would have been kinder for her to bid you farewell than to dodge and evade you. From her perspective, you may not be aware of the sort of pressures she is under from her family who might rightly be objecting to her having a “boyfriend” while she is still at school.

Maybe they have learnt about your secret meetings. I guess you’ll have to accept the fact that this little love affair is over.

Turn your attention to making other friends if you are at school too. Try not to get too serious. If you do, your schoolwork will undoubtedly suffer as a result. There will be time enough for romance when both of you are through with your education.