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No politics, just tired of water woes


No politics, just tired of water woes

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I HAVE BEEN A SUPPORTER of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) for a long time and I am extremely upset by comments being bandied about that suggest that persons who speak out regarding the lack of water in St Joseph are politically motivated. These accusations are baseless and merelyseek to detract from the real issue.

I don’t have any scientific evidence, but St Joseph is one of the parishes that gets the most rainfall simply from my observation of the lush vegetation. St Philip on the other hand always looks rather dry, yet thatparish doesn’t seem to suffer from significant water outages.

Why can’t mandatory shut-offs be implemented in all the other parishes in order to replenish the reservoirs, and steps be subsequently taken to channel some of that water to St Joseph?

What is the status of the measures being put in place to provide water to this parish?

I invite individuals,who believe that persons who agitate due to lackof water in this parish have a political agenda,to switch homes with us for a short period.

Persons who have not experienced water outages for an extended period to time cannot truly empathise, most of them simply do not care about our state of affairs.

I was recently humiliated when a Barbadian publicly asked me, while laughing out loud, if I am one of those persons who have to run after the water truck to get water. I am of theview that St Joseph isthe forgotten parish –our pain and sufferingdoes not matter.

I am therefore not signing the book to commemorate our country’s 50th anniversary. I would be delighted, however, to sign any petition to be presented to the relevant authorities regarding the water crisis in St Joseph.