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FIRE SERVICE WEEK: Prevention Better Indeed


FIRE SERVICE WEEK: Prevention Better Indeed

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In recognition of Fire Service Week 2016, NATION Online will be reproducing a series of articles on fire safety and fire prevention.

THERE IS AN old Bajan saying “flood carries some, but fire carries all”.

One of the most agonising experiences is to witness the wailing and agony of a fire victim, or the anguish on the face of a businessman who loses all to a blaze.

The pain etched on faces as a result of the loss ought to be an ever-present reminder of the severity of fire, and a catalyst to urge the employment of prevention measures at all times.

Alas, many a homeowner, though aware of the possibility of total destruction of property, injury and loss of life, still fails to pay attention to and implement prevention measures to safeguard life and investment.

But those who survive blazes, though suffering disfiguring burn injuries, respiratory problems from smoke inhalation and the dislocation associated with the process of rebuilding lives, learn the hard way the importance of fire prevention.

Given the massive losses and emotional trauma fires can cause, it makes sense to take all steps to avoid their occurrence in the first place.

Fire in a wooden building, in grass or cane fields and places where highly flammable substances are present can reach a destructive intensity in a very short time, especially when fanned by strong winds.

Despite a quick response from the Fire Service, the rate at which such fires escalate often defies the rapid response, often ending in total loss.

The resultant costs are too high for anyone to ignore the importance of fire prevention.