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ALTAR CALL: God wants crusaders

CHERYL HAREWOOD, [email protected]

ALTAR CALL: God wants crusaders

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GOD IS LOOKING for a people who will stand in the gap for Barbados and build walls of spirituality, holiness, righteousness, integrity and truth.

This was the message visiting minister, Apostle Roger Harper, preached to members of Faith Temple Ministries International at their Roebuck Street, Bridgetown location on Friday night.

Harper, who hails from Guyana, was one of the speakers at a week-long crusade hosted by Pastors Lemuel and Pauline Rawlins.

He told the congregation that deep waters would cause them to stand for spirituality without compromising, and that God did not call individuals to ministry in the church but to minister within their communities and the world at large.

“The position of the church,” he said, “is to affect people. Jesus called His disciples together, empowered them and then sent them out. God is looking for a people who will become empowered, then go out and build spiritual walls.

“We are not in an aquarium. We are to swim in deep waters; go to the highways and by-ways to minister to those who do not know Christ.” 

Referring to the church as the voice in the earth, Harper said God was seeking those who would not be easily offended and leave their local church when adverse situations arose.

He stressed that there were many in the priesthood who could not tell the difference between what was righteous and what was not, because their lives were not clean before God.

“Some people believe when they give their lives to God, they can live as they please during the week and come to church to praise and worship Him on Sunday, but God is calling His people to take a stand. 

“Don’t take your Christian life for granted. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. God is looking for a people who will stand against the wicked and evildoers, so you must walk in agreement with God, love the things He loves and hate the things He hates.”

No compromise

He also said God was raising up a no-nonsense people in Barbados who would not compromise when it came to wickedness and sin.

“As a servant of God you cannot compromise.  Righteousness and holiness must be in the house of God. You cannot serve God if you are not holy.”

Harper said it was better to have two righteous people in a church rather than have thousands who were not living right.

“The church must return to the place where it first started. We must get on our faces like the praying mothers and fathers of long ago. Today we have too many sweet boys and sweet girls in the church so when it comes time for prayer meeting, they don’t come. People who want God will seek God.

“If the church does not rise up, Barbados cannot rise. It all depends on the church. God will only act when He sees His people taking a stand for righteousness,” he declared.

He urged his listeners to take a stand and not to settle for anything less than what God expected of them.

“Barbados is waiting on you to rise up, stand in the gap and build up spiritual walls,” he pleaded before praying as he brought his sermon to an end.

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