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Show that unity in church is real


Show that unity in church is real

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PEOPLE LOVE GOSSIP. We relish hearing the juicy details when we find out something bad about someone, particularly when it is a high-profile personality. 

But how does knowing the details about a situation benefit us? Does it make us better? Does it add anything to our lives? Does it make us rich or more successful? There is nothing wrong with gossip until we are the subject.

It is on this premise that I make an appeal to the church of Jesus Christ in Barbados, particularly pastors. The situation with Reverend Andre Symmonds does not augur well for those of us who serve the Lord because it makes the entire church look bad. But this is a prime opportunity for the pastors of churches to rally around him and his church, to publicly lift him up in prayer, to display a united front and show those who think so low of the church, that we genuinely love and care for each other. God’s Word is very clear – when one member of the body hurts, we all hurt. 

Pray and war

This is not the time to whisper behind closed doors and speculate about what is going on with our brother. This is the time to pray and war, because an attack against one member is an attack against all of us. This is not the time to preach “hidden messages” or post crap on Facebook.

At any time, any of us could be on the receiving end of the gossip train and the rumour mill, and we would want people to pray for us and see us restored. God is the not the only one who can exercise mercy; we, the people of God, must also exercise mercy.

My heart and the heart of many others is saddened by this, yet there are others who are gloating, because it is an occasion to declare, “De pastors in church ain’t’ no good.” Then when the time comes for us to witness the love of Christ to people, they don’t want to hear us.

Imagine the results if every pastor in Barbados were to lead their congregation in prayer on Sunday just for a few moments, and bombard the gates of hell with our intercession over this situation, asking God for mercy, healing, restoration and justice to prevail.

Imagine what would happen if we take a few minutes in our services to pray and deal with the diabolical forces that have come up against the church, until this situation is resolved. 

I have grown weary of the unity talk among church leaders. Talk is cheap – it is time for action. Let your members and the nation see real unity among us.