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DEAR CHRISTINE: Mother-in-law a back-stabber


DEAR CHRISTINE: Mother-in-law a back-stabber

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Dear Christine,

I HOPE MY LETTER finds you in good health and please keep up the good work.

I am writing this letter concerning my mother-in-law who looks as though she wants to cause trouble.

My husband and I have been married for just under two years. When we got married, his mother was residing overseas. A few months into the marriage she hinted that she wanted to come home to spend six months and asked if she could stay with us.

Almost immediately, I felt I was staring trouble in the face. My mother-in-law is highly opinionated and loves her son as if he were her husband. He is the only son but she has two daughters.

I told my husband that I would not mind; what else could I do? This is her third month staying in our home and I am wondering if I will be able to survive the next three.

Her visit has nothing to do with wanting to be in a cool climate, since she lives in one of the neighbouring islands where there is sun all year round. I am taking the stand that she just wants to confuse my life. She tries to do everything for her son, like wash and iron his clothes, cook his meals and even prepare lunch for him some days as though he is a little boy going off to school. The only thing she does not do is clean the house. I guess she leaves that burden for me to undertake because of the strenuous effect that can have on the body.

My main concern is over a conversation I was not supposed to hear, but heard anyway. In part of it, I overheard her telling my husband that I was lazy and that I needed to do more to help around the house.

Christine, I could not believe it. My husband’s response to her was that we both work long hours and that I’ve always looked after him well. Well, thanks to that response, I noticed that she eased up from cooking every day and would always make sure I cook on Saturdays and Sundays.

Christine, I think one of the worst things any couple can do is allow a mother-in-law to invade their privacy. My mother-in-law has no real reason for being with us, but I believe she came to test the sincerity of my marriage to her son. I am from . . . originally and I personally believe she felt I have trapped her son into marrying me for citizenship.

Christine, I love my husband, but at the end of my mother-in-law’s stay, I hope she never makes another request to spend that amount of time in our home.

Some mothers-in-law can be nice, but mine seems to be s strife maker, who smiles sweetly with me, but behind my back is trying to cut me as with a knife.

– F.N.

Dear F.N.,

I think I know the type of mother-in-law you have to deal with, but thank God not all are the same. Six months is a long time to have to put up with her, but thank your lucky stars she did not decide to move back home permanently.

Just try to keep the peace and look forward to that day when she will be hopping on that plane and going home.