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MAVIS BECKLES: Trump’s the man in control


MAVIS BECKLES: Trump’s the man in control

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FINALLY, THE AMERICAN elections done and gone. The American people now have a new president and most o’ the lot o’ confusion bout who say this and who say and do dat now ovah and done wid. Thank God.

I aint gine tell you nuh lie: it was beginning tuh get tuh me’ cause wherevah ya went people was talking bout the elections in America and who duh was talking bout and making all kinds o’ comments bout was Donald Trump.

Truthfully, I aint intuh the lot o’ politics but, of course, ya have tuh know what is going on in ya country and beyond. But, as far as I’m concerned, from purposely forcing myself tuh listen tuh some o’ the talks and debates leading up tuh the elections, I had tuh tell myself it didn’t seem after a while tuh be about the good of the people, but a personal thing between the presidential candidates.

Then I couldn’t bring myself tuh swallow how a candidate running fuh the highest office in one o’ the greatest countries in the world could utter some o’ the most disturbing things bout women, immigrants and people who aint look like he.

Yet still, a whole lot o’ people, including women, who he seems tuh have very little regard for, would still be seen holding up placards, screaming and hollering out when duh see he and running up and down behind he all the time.

Up to a couple days before the elections, somebody else come out o’ the woodwork and was saying how he molested dem. But all o’ dat like it meant nothing ’cause nuhbody like duh aint take dem on. It look like it was only the press dat was really interested in getting down tuh the Trump dat nuhbody aint know or want tuh know bout.

Today he is President-elect Trump, if ya please, and by the time the year change, he gine be President Trump. Well, I tell ya, as the old people would say, wha’ doan happen in a day, does happen in a year.

Now a whole lot o’ people commenting pon how dem aint know how he gine handle the affairs of the country ’cause duh nevah hear he talk in nuh kinda sensible detail bout how he gine deal wid foreign policy and world affairs and ya know America does be in evahthing.

The other day I hear somebody say dat most o’ the time leading up tuh the elections, all dem hear Trump saying was dat he gine build a wall, get rid of the illegal immigrants and put Hillary Clinton in jail when he became president. I wonder how long after he get in the White House he gine get she put away.

Now because of how adamant he was, a lot o’ good law-abiding people holding duh breath. The immigrants who might not have all duh papers in place frighten and  hundreds o’ students leaving duh classes and protesting.

I was watching the news pon one o’ dem American channels recently and I saw the students jumping ovah the school fences wid duh anti-Trump placards in hand.

One o’ the students dat the reporter interviewed was saying dat he didn’t know what would happen tuh his parents should Trump carry out his threat and send back the immigrants.

From what he was saying, I gathered dat he was probably born in the United States after his parents migrated.

I aint know, boy, but it gine have tuh work itself out because he is the president and nuhbody cahn change dat now.

The people vote him in there and nuh matter wha’ nuhbody say or do, he gine be in the White House for four years after a history-making president and an amazing first lady, who coulda handle sheself in any situation, leave.

All we have tuh do is wait and see how it pan out. Wait and see if he gine carry out all o’ dem wild and irrational threats he open he mout and make during the campaign ’cause he gotta remember dat the whole world watching and waiting.

Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.