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DEAR CHRISTINE: Married lover won’t trust me


DEAR CHRISTINE: Married lover won’t trust me

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Dear Christine,

I WOULD LIKE to avail myself of some advice [you give] women who are in the same situation that I am in.

I am a man, who is in love with a married woman. She is a few years older than I am and has children.

She has discovered that she is no longer in love with her husband who from all accounts is a rather dull, stay-at-home person. Although he does not stop her from going out, he seldom will make the effort to go with her. She is bored.

My main problem with her is she accuses me of playing around with other women and this is not really true, although I do see other girls. They are just friends.

I cannot get her to believe this. I have strong feelings for her and I am prepared to hang around until she can decide what steps she can take for us to share a future. I would like some advice from you, please.



Dear MR,

It is a pity you got involved with her in the first place. I do not see your part in her life ever being any help to her, her children, her husband or, for that matter, you. Frankly, you should try to get uninvolved with her, as soon as possible. This way you will avoid heartache for all concerned.  Your presence only complicates things for all involved.

She is not going to try and solve her home problems with you to run to. This is what she should be doing. She should try and solve her boredom in other ways than being unfaithful to her husband. Many married women would love to have stay-at-home husbands. I guess she does not realise how blessed she is and would be, without you pulling her away from her husband.

What’s more, she would probably never trust you because she has problems right now trusting herself.