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No sign of relief

ROY R. MORRIS, [email protected]

No sign of relief

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TODAY, AS WE PUBLISH the final set of photos from our week-long series highlighting the state of our roads, particularly the proliferation of potholes, one thing is evident – the Ministry of Transport and Works appears totally ill-equipped to correct the problem.

Not one pothole we highlighted over the course of this week has been patched, not on the busy main highways, back roads or residential accesses.

Up until yesterday morning, the gaping pothole beside the traffic lights at the junction of Wanstead Road and the ABC Highway was still growing, and another a kilometre downhill near TnT Barbecue Hut was still claiming victims.

Bay Street remained an obstacle course with motorists unable to drive a straight line, given the frequency with which they have to dodge potholes.

And the heavy rains of the last few days only made the going on the Ermie Bourne Highway worse, while an extremely rough patch where the access road to the Mangrove Pond landfill joins the Ronald Mapp Highway has now become unavoidable.

The potholes are so many that motorists now have to slow down and choose which they will drop into.

And throughout the week concerned Barbadians have continued to call and submit their photos.

Drivers heading into or out of St Andrew report they no longer use Vaucluse Road heading to or from Shop Hill in St Thomas because of the state of that road, while others content that “Yorkshire Long Road” from just east of Boarded Hall to St Patrick’s in Christ Church is one of the worst in the country.

While our series ends today, we invite you to continue to take photographs and submit them to us at [email protected]. We will continue to publish them on merit. (RRM)