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DEAR CHRISTINE: Parents don’t accept my girl


DEAR CHRISTINE: Parents don’t accept my girl

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I met and fell in love with a young lady who is eight years older than I am. We love each other and her parents have accepted me. However, my parents are opposed to the relationship.

I am 35 and they think that this woman is too far over the hill for me to marry.

My girlfriend is one of the kindest and most beautiful persons you’ll find anywhere. She is also smart, has a keen sense of humour and a well-paying job.

My parents seem to think I should marry an ex-girlfriend whom I actually had to dump because of her dishonesty.

Do you also think that I should marry someone closer to my age?

– A.D.

Dear A.D.,

What difference can eight years make? If you love the woman and she loves you, then go ahead and marry her if you so desire. Your parents will eventually come around to accepting this woman when they see how much both of you care for each other.