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HEALING HERBS: Healing magic in a ‘puff’

ANNETTE MAYNARD-WATSON, [email protected]

HEALING HERBS: Healing magic in a ‘puff’

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“Goldilocks understood this concept perfectly when she rejected both the Pappa bear’s cereal because it was too hot, and the Mamma bear’s cereal because it was too cold. She continued her state of discomfort until she continued onto the baby bear’s bowl of cereal which was ‘just right’ for her.” –

THERE WERE PERIODS in my life when I extracted and applied segments of the “Goldilocks effect” effectively. I am mastering those aspects and an excited because I know what size, taste, amount and quantity are “just right” for my spiritual growth.

A good example is I recognised that if I shared a good idea, weak-minded persons would tremble while saying, “Oh, that will not work”. Mild-minded persons would say, “Try, but it may fail”.

The spirit/higher self would say, “Annette, it sounds ‘just right’; go ahead and do it. Let your light shine”. I strongly recommend that readers should listen to spirit and tame the ego.

On the contrary, when you disrespect spirit, you will live constantly in fear.

Goldilocks unlawfully entered the house of the bears and was disrespectful towards them. They showed no fear and she ran back into the forest. We must follow positive paths in life by using faith as a strong base.

Faith is an excellent spiritual tool loaded with motivation, strength, shrewdness and love. By exercising faith, we can excavate and bulldoze naysayers, toxic people, fear and poor judgement from our vicinity. Faith naturally asserts positive vibrations into our surroundings.

As I watched Goldilocks and the three bears on YouTube and researched the psychology of the story, I was excited to pair it with silent doctor bachelor button, scientifically known as Gomphrena globosa L. I often refer to this healing herb as “healing magic in a puff”.

Research on has revealed that “in Trinidad, the flowers are boiled to make a tea which is used for baby gripe, oliguria, cough, diabetes and cooling”. Bachelor button can also treat asthma, high blood pressure, acne, whooping cough, chronic bronchitis, sores and headache.

A study from Brazil (Arcanjo D, et. al. Phytochemical screening and evaluation of cytotoxic, antimicrobial and cardiovascular effects of Gomphrena globosa L. J Med Plants Res) proved that globe amaranth could significantly reduce arterial blood pressure without changing your heart rate. The study also revealed that “nothing else in the body changes except blood pressure”. This herb can treat prostate problems and kill cancer cells. It is such a magnificent trusted herb.

Finally, are you a Goldilocks or a Shaka Zulu? Let faith eliminate fear, thereby ensuring that you know what is right for your spiritual development.

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