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Babies’ first Christmas


Babies’ first Christmas

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“It’s baby’s first Christmas, and oh, what a joy, shopping all around for every pretty toy . . . It’s baby’s first Christmas, a Christmas full of love.”

THE MOST WONDERFUL time of the year is filled with happiness on its own but the presence of newborn triplets adds even more jollity and wonder for Joanna Wiggins. Today is Jaiden, Aiden and Kaiden Wiggins’ first Christmas and Joanna is revelling in this once-in-a-lifetime moment with them.

Joanna said that taking care of triplets is like a roller-coaster ride full of ups and downs. The proud mother of three told EASY magazine that although it was a bit challenging as a parent, having triplets is “thrice as nice”. She feels extremely blessed and lucky to give birth to three healthy bouncing baby boys.

She shared some of the fun and challenging experience she experiences each day as a mother.

“When I gave birth to them I was scared I was in labour for three hours and I had a C-section,” she said.

“I just remember waking up and asking my mother where they were and why they weren’t with me but she told me they were in the ICU.

“Kaiden was the first one I got to hold and when I saw him I started to cry. I got emotional because that was the first time making contact and being able to breastfeed.”

Joanna said that she was anxious to leave the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and return home with her family.

“I was full of excitement and I couldn’t wait to spend time with my children. However, it can be a bit challenging at times to take care of them but I have mother, brother and sisters assisting me when they can,” she said.

“The little ones have the cold and the hours they sleep is kind of hard to deal with but I am catching the rhythm. Before I tried breastfeeding two at a time but that did not work out so I do one each at a time in a timely manner so the others wouldn’t start to cry. And when it comes to bathing them my sister Jalica takes care of that, my mother Pauline pitches in too and my brother Joel and other sister Leanna take over when I get tired.”

Jaiden, Kaiden and Aiden where born in the same month as their mother and grandmother. They came on the August 15, 13 days after Joanna’s birthday and 11 days before Pauline’s. So far Joanna has not taken them out but there was one occasion when she had to leave home and Kaiden would not allow her to go without him.

“Kaiden is mummy’s boy and if he cannot pick up my scent he gets very upset so there was this one time I really had to go shopping and he meant that he had to come with me.

“Kaiden, Jaiden and Aiden have different personalities. Aiden is very quiet and it doesn’t take much to please him, Jaiden can be a trickster when he is ready and sly at times and Kaiden can be miserable at times, he makes funny faces and likes to have his own way.”

Joanna told her secret on how she identifies the triplets.

“Aiden and Jaiden both have birthmarks on their hands. Aiden has his in the inside of his right hand while Jaiden has his on the outside of his right hand. You cannot go wrong with identifying Kaiden because he is the chubby one.”

Joanna is a teenage mother and she said she knows people have negative things to say about her but the 19-year-old told EASY that she doesn’t let it get to her. She added that a lot of people in the Eastbourne, St Philip community said they were happy for her and that she was blessed to have triplets.

“People tell me that my little ones are a blessing from God and I feel the same way too. My friends are always asking me to send them pictures, saying they look handsome and that they are happy for me.

“My family has a history of twins and my sister could have had triplets also but she lost her little girl at 18 weeks and was left with two boys. So I am the only one in the family who ever had triplets.”

Christmas is a time for celebration, feasting and family gatherings and Joanna does not intend on being left out of the fun activities for the season. She said she plans on being involved in everything her family does.

“It is babies’ first Christmas and I and super excited, the fact that they are home and healthy is a good feeling,” she said.

“My mother and their godmother are planning on buying a big toy for them and I can’t wait to see what it is.

“Before I had the boys, I spent Christmas Day with my dad who lives in St George and I would like to take the little ones to go and see him this year.

“My favourite thing about Christmas is preparing the food. I love licking the spoon and bowls when my family are cooking dinner or making cakes and although my mom told me that I couldn’t eat everything because of the boys I still on mashing up ham this year.”

Joanna has big dreams for herself and one day she would like to join the Barbados Defence Force band. She said she had liked the army life since she was in the Cadet Corps at the Princess Margaret Secondary School.

“When I was pregnant I heard people saying that I got pregnant at a young age and I should know better but I am very proud of my mistake, because without it I wouldn’t have gotten my boys.

“When I found out I was pregnant I was signing up to join the BDF band but when I got the call I had to turn it down, I was not getting rid of my little ones for a job; that would have hurt me on the inside forever.

“But when they get older I would join. I like playing the alto sax and the flute; I got experience playing them at secondary school.

“People usually think cadets is strict and all about discipline but it is more than that.

During cadets at school I got to go to camps and meet new people and that was really fun; that is why my heart is set on joining the band.

“Although I am a female I am not intimidated by the guys in the corps with me. I am a no-nonsense person and if you want me to carry out orders just tell me, you don’t have to tell me mean and offensive things because I do not disrespect no one,” she said. (SB)