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DEAR CHRISTINE: Co-worker tried to kiss me


DEAR CHRISTINE: Co-worker tried to kiss me

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I’ve a wife and three children that I love very much. I get along very well on my job but recently something happened that upset me very much.

A new young woman came to work at our firm, and from the time she got there she has been making passes at me.

I could not say anything to her since she did not do anything outright.

However, one evening after we had all worked late and it was raining, I offered her a ride home. She invited me in. I refused and then she reached across and kissed me and ran her hand over my thigh.

I managed to get her out of the car and went home somewhat disturbed as I felt she would try to pursue this attitude at work. I am relieved to say that so far, she has not shown in any way that she has remembered what happened. Do you think I should tell my wife about this?


Dear M.R:

Exactly what are you going to tell your wife? Nothing happened so all you’re likely to do is cause your wife to worry unnecessary.

It appears as though this young woman has got your message that you are not interested in having an affair with her.

I also get the feeling that you must have been somewhat flattered with her attention and that is why you offered her a ride home. I hope from now on you will not play with fire if you sincerely do not want to get burnt.