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Mega 6 jackpot winner to claim over $3.5 million


Mega 6 jackpot winner to claim over $3.5 million

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ONE LUCKY WINNER who purchased a Mega 6 Jackpot ticket at CV Trading Incorporated in St Philip, Barbados, has won the January 24 jackpot of $3 550 000.

The mystery ticket holder who played the numbers 05 10 11 27 28 and 30 using the quick pick method has yet to come forward to claim the prize.

Mega 6 brand manager Fontana Roach, who is elated that someone’s life will be changed for the better from this draw, is urging the winner to come forward and claim the prize.

“Again, the Mega 6 Jackpot will make someone richer. We are elated to know that there is someone out there who has won the Mega Jackpot, but we are urging that winner to come forward soon as that person has a stipulated three-month window to come forward and claim the prize,” Roach said.

She added that last year, the Mega 6 game produced eight jackpot winners and over 368 000 winners in total.

There was a payout of $3 675 000 in jackpot prizes and more than $1 747 991 in secondary prizes. (PR)