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DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I stay with ex or new lover?


DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I stay with ex or new lover?

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I HOPE YOU are okay. I would like you to solve my problem, please.

While I was at school I had a boyfriend. I told him to wait until after I finished school and then we started dating steady. I then found out he had many girlfriends and also had a daughter. I told him if he likes me he’ll have to stick with me.

Anyhow I left to live in another part of the country and later fell in love with a young man who attends the same church as I do. We love each other very much. I do not love him because he is handsome, but because he is the type of person I was looking for.

Christine, I trust him and know he will make a happy family. Must I continue with my present boyfriend or turn back to my ex-boyfriend who I feel will never change. The ex-boyfriend says he is never leaving me. What must I do? Must I go backwards or forwards?

– D.A

Dear DA,

I don’t see why you should have a problem. You say you love this young man who goes to your church. You find he is someone you can trust and you also feel he has the makings of a good family man.

Is it because the ex-boyfriend says he is not giving you up that you feel uncertain or insecure? If you really love this boy tell Mr Ex you are in love with someone else. Then avoid all contact with him.

It’s now your turn to stick to the one you claim to love and not waver between these two men.