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Treats trinkets that women love


Treats trinkets that women love

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Rasheena McClean has two businesses. Bubbles Kids Designs came first and next month, she will be celebrating its second anniversary, while Bubbles Of Beauty is more recent.

McClean said in an interview with BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY there is still a long way to go to get them where she intends. Despite starting the second business, McClean asserted she would never neglect Bubbles Kids Designs because she loves the creative process of putting diaper cakes together, custom designing baby bottle party favours, as well as gift tubs and baskets.

“I started the diaper design in 2015 as a gift for my friend for a baby shower. I wanted something creative, something that no one had thought about. I went online and saw how to make it and I was able to get the materials from here to make the diaper cake. From there, other people saw the pictures and asked how much it cost and I went from there creating different designs – an owl, a bassinet, a train,” she said.

“Then I started customising the orders, some were unisex, others were Mickey Mouse and other characters. It was really nice – and fun! My biggest achievement was when a customer asked if she could have a diaper cake for someone who was going to Grenada.”

For the young businesswoman it is all about being different, standing out from among the others who offer similar gifts. So, what she has done is added different designs as well as a signature – fur, glitter or bling – as she called it, to each cake.

“I don’t like simple diaper cakes. I like them to look different and blingy. Something to catch the girls’ eye. You have to do something that’s different and creative,” McClean said with a laugh. She started the bottle favours after she was asked by a prospective customer. After she designs the bottles, customers fill it with an assortment of items. Sometimes the mums give them as “thank yous” to their guests at the baby showers.

Always mindful of her customers’ budgets, McClean buys materials in bulk, saving on costs that she passes on. Although there are slow periods, she said it still works out.

At Parkinson Memorial Secondary, she studied art but dropped it for accounting because, at that time, she could not see its relevance beyond school. However, today, she loves creating cakes and other favours and gets ideas at anytime and from anywhere.

“I like being crafty. I actually enjoy doing this and I’m trying to do something for Easter,” she added. Her intention is to do more for special occasions or events to stay ahead of the competition.

“When I see someone smile after receiving the gift, that melts my heart. It is really nice when the person is really surprised. I had a customer who would not open her pamper cake even after the baby was born. I told her that it had powder and that she should at least take out the blanket. She said no, she loves it too much,” McClean said with a smile.

She has already started looking for space to rent so she can have these items displayed. She wants to sell clothing and accessories under her label Bubbles Of Beauty as well.

“I’m from a retail family. My father is a coconut vendor. My mother has a stall at Crop Over and other events. The selling thing was always in me; I can get anything sold. I said that I know enough females and they all like jewellery. So, I ordered a set of earrings, about 30, and they all sold in one day.

“After that, people asked me if I don’t import. I was not into fashion then, but I had to keep up-to-date with the trends and I grew to love it,” she said.

Additionally, McClean can do manicures and pedicures.

As the businesses grow, she wants to export cakes and other gifts to wherever customers who follow her on Facebook and Instagram are. She will be getting out there. So, don’t be surprised if you see her at mass events such as Girlfriends’ Expo, Agrofest and other festivals. (GBM)