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DEAR CHRISTINE: ‘Respected’ married man won’t let go


DEAR CHRISTINE: ‘Respected’ married man won’t let go

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Dear Christine,

I AM A REGULAR READER of your column and I would appreciate you giving me some advice.

I am 22 years old and have a good job. There is a man who is madly in love with me but he is married. Christine, I love this man too. We enjoy ourselves whenever we are together or alone. No place is too expensive for him to take me.

Christine, I also have a boyfriend, but this married man does not want me to go anywhere unless he knows where I am going and with whom. If I don’t tell him he would follow me. I must not talk to anyone besides him. I must always be careful in choosing my friends.

He is well respected and loved by many people. He is one of those men who we would say, “has it all”. He is high in society but I am afraid I must find a solution to end this friendship.

When I say to him that I think it should end, he goes raving mad and says that he is going to see I don’t like anyone else but him. He goes so far as to say that I am his woman and I cannot stop it; so don’t even bother to try.

Christine, this man must realise that he has a wife. He says that when she is dead, I will be his wife. I told him I do not want his ring. Please tell me what to do to be rid of this man.

– G.F. 

Dear G.F.,

If I read you correctly, you seem to have got yourself into a pretty mess, and no wonder as you are quite a contradiction. You admit to loving a married man and at the same time say you have a boyfriend. Is the latter blind or accommodating?

If you really want to end your relationship with the married man (which should not have started in the first place), you should not be bullied by him into continuing it. If he is all that respected and loved and considered “high society”, he is not going to make public his little shoddy affair. The way to end it is to stop seeing him, period!