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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Watch your back, Estwick


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Watch your back, Estwick

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DEAL WITH HIM and remove any possibility of him being able to hurt us, if he wants to.

That is the summary of some of the views recently expressed in George Street concerning the future of Dr David Estwick.

From what Cou Cou was told, from stalwarts to foot soldiers are concerned that the disgruntled St Philip West representative could hurt the Democratic Labour Party if he is so inclined. They feel a preemptive strike is necessary to ensure he does not have that option.

So some have suggested that the party not allow him to run for the fourth time in St Philip West. They argue that as the constituency embodies traditional hardcore DLP support, whoever the party sends will win.

Others have allegedly suggested that Estwick be allowed to contest the seat but not given a ministry again when the party retains power.

But even more voices have recommended that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart return to St Philip and contest the seat. They argue that he has a greater certainty of winning there than in St Michael South, which has no history of loyalty to the DLP.

All those voicing their concern reportedly said Estwick’s most recent outburst in response to the latest economic action plan currently under active consideration by the Government was the last straw.

Two weeks ago, Estwick was reported as being indifferent to Government’s new economic plan, which includes proposals for dealing with the country’s debt.

The latest debt restructuring proposal is outlined in a 30-page report submitted to the Prime Minister last month by the Fiscal Deficit Committee of the Social Partnership, which was mandated by Stuart to make recommendations on the way forward.

Commenting on the plan in another section of the media, Estwick said: “They [Government] are free to choose whatever they want to do. Time is the best evaluator of reason. They have to find a way to attempt to discredit me, but I know that we cannot get out of these economic challenges without restructuring and the financing of the national debt.

“Let them proceed. Time is the best revealer of who was right and wrong. I proposed domestic debt restructuring, foreign debt restructuring, a combination of the two as well as the entire debt via the sinking fund strategy . . . . They are on their own.”

Estwick’s statement came after he was reported by the same media house as essentially saying in February that the Government’s economic policies for the last seven years had failed. He was particularly critical
of the Government for relying on Central Bank financing (printing money) since 2010.

Cou Cou was told that one stalwart has been invoking the name of Estwick’s late brother, Tyrone, to demand that the DLP’s leadership think carefully about continuing with the St Philip West representative.

Apparently the stalwart reminded that Tyrone, who was elected in 1991 and served as minister of education and culture until 1994 before losing the 1994 and 1999 general elections, left the DLP. Then, two years later, he was on a Barbados Labour Party platform criticising the Dems.

Cou Cous research found that in 2001, Tyrone joined former Dems Kerrie Symmonds, Johnny Tudor and Rudy Grant in speaking on a BLP platform during the by-election in St Thomas.

The stalwart allegedly said that though he does not think Estwick would cross over to the BLP, the DLP should not take any chances and should neutralise him now.