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Online retail shopping


Online retail shopping

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CAVE SHEPHERD & COMPANY LIMITED, one of Barbados’ leading retail companies, has started a new electronic commerce drive.

While some concern has been raised about the potential negative impact online shopping could have on traditional businesses, the 101-year-old company said a new wave of Barbados-based online shopping was poised to help stimulate the retail economy.

Cave Shepherd launched its “innovative” new e-commerce website as a major part of its effort to influence “the conversion to online shopping locally in a very big way”.

Using this platform, the company said, customers could shop from anywhere there was internet, using their computer or even their mobile phone.

It offered “a selection of approximately 500 products from their brick and mortar locations including fragrance, housewares, books, stationery, gifts, designer bags and luggage”. This was in addition to customers being able to shop for seasonal items such as academic books and uniforms.

Cave Shepherd said this was “an indication of the importance of evolving traditional business alongside the convenience expected in the digital age”.

The company operates its retail business as part of Duty Free Caribbean Holdings (DFCH).

DFCH chief operating officer David Pietrzak, said: “We recognise our customers with hectic schedules are simply unable to get to our stores due to time constraints but still have basic needs they need to fulfill.”

“We are always ready and prepared to meet the requests of our customers and continue to make shopping easy and convenient for them.”

Cave Shepherd said early feedback on the ecommerce venture was “highly positive”. accepts all major credit cards, including the new Cave Shepherd Visa Card, which comes with enhanced security. Shoppers will receive a notification when the order is ready, and will have delivery to their door within 48 hours,” it said.

“The option to pay and collect in-store from the major Cave Shepherd locations is available and returns are accepted as normal with receipt at the main store information desk.” (SC/PR)