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DEAR CHRISTINE: No future in loving married man


DEAR CHRISTINE: No future in loving married man

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Dear Christine,

I HOPE YOU can help me to make a decision about my problem. You see, I am involved with a man who was married twice.

He was a youngster when he first got married and after he and his wife broke up, she and the children left the island.

He is not happy with his second wife but adores their little child. They also have another child on the way. When we first started seeing each other, it was not intended that we’d end up the way we have.

On two occasions he left his wife for me, even though it was at his mother that he went to live.

I sometimes think that he is weak-willed. He swears he cares for me but does not want to hurt his little child. I have not seen him for two weeks but he phones and asks me not to give him up.

I have, however, told him not to return because as much as it is hurting me, I feel I cannot go on this way.

What do you think, Christine?

– B.J.

Dear B.J.,

I think you have done the right thing. He seems a very confused kind of person. He wants you and wants his child.

He has also probably given you the impression that he does not care for his wife and yet she is pregnant. I believe you know what produces babies. Sex does. This tells me that he is in a sexual relationship with his wife.

There is heartbreak in this situation but I feel in time you’ll get over it. It must be ten times worse for the woman he is married to; the mother of the child he adores and with another on the way, she really must be having it tough.

I hope you’ll find the strength to stick to your resolution not to see him again and give him and his wife the chance to be a happy family.