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Going up

ANTOINETTE CONNELL, [email protected]

Going up

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THE FAITHFUL F W WOOLWORTH escalator in Bridgetown that provided thrilling rides for almost a half-century is gone, and a new mobile stairway has taken its place.

The original British-made escalator was commissioned through Marryat and Scott of England, and for 46 years transported excited and sometimes weary shoppers to the next level before it ground to a halt last November.

In its place is the Otis model, installed last night by Electric Sales Service (ESSCO) Ltd, and Shellbury Construction, in an effort that caused traffic to be diverted as Crane & Equipment transported the new escalator across Broad Street and onto Prince William Henry Street.

Managing director Martin Bryan said it was a meaningful and emotional transition for Woolworth following the loss of the much-loved escalator installed since 1971. (AC)