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Stiffy fighting to keep the crown

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Stiffy fighting to keep the crown

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BASHMENT SOCA KING Stiffy Star Quality [Shane Atkinson] isn’t giving up his crown without a fight.

He is warning his fellow artistes that it will be hard to dethrone him.

The first-ever Bashment Soca king was speaking at the press conference of the Yello Phenomenal Friday’s launch at Mount Gay Visitors’ Centre last Friday night.

“It feels so good to say I am the first-ever Bashment Soca king. I use that to introduce myself in a conversation,” he said, jokingly.

The artiste said he was pleased at the response to the competition by the public and by the artistes who were stepping up their game and producing more music.

“I hope you are all ready to give them a show out of this world. Last year when I went into the dressing room after seeing the crowd, I told the artistes this crowd came just to see us so let us go out there and show them what we have to offer.”

He thanked 4D Entertainment and Yello Media Group for giving them the platform to showcase their talents and bring the genre of music to the forefront to be recognised as a “formidable genre so we can be on the platter along with Sweet Soca and Party Monarch”.

He said word on the streets was that there would be more entries in Bashment Soca than the other two competitions, which would have their semi-finals on the same night at the Bashment Soca Finals at Kensington Oval.

“That says something about the talent that is coming forward. I am glad to be a part of that.”

Stiffy Star Quality won a car, cash and other prizes last year and is looking forward to the winner-takes-all cash prize of $50 000 on July 7.

“As the king it is not going to be easy to take my crown. Bashment Soca is all I know.” (NS)