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IT MATTERS TO MARIA: House slowly ‘collapsing’

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

IT MATTERS TO MARIA: House slowly ‘collapsing’

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WHILE THERE ARE efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags, Veronica Regis is showing how much she cannot do without them.

Hundreds of plastic bags are stuffed between the cracks of her wooden home to prevent the rain and the sun from coming in.

Regis, 65, lives in a dilapidated house at Goodland, Christ Church. It is slowly collapsing as she has no funds of her own to repair it. She said plastic bags are the only things that keep her from getting wet.

“It bad,” she cried. “It falling down but the Lord ain’t gine make it fall down. I serving a good God. He will appear anytime and give me a big house.”

Regis pointed out that she had lived in the area for many years with her partner who has since passed away. “I raise my children here and they big and gone long ‘bout they business,” she said.

However, while her house is in dire need of repair and her bedroom gets wet whenever it rains, Regis said she had nowhere else to go.

Two months ago when the front of the house started to lean, she went to the constituency office of her representative John Boyce, just around the corner from where she lives.

“I went there three times and Mr Boyce secretary come by me and ask me for my telephone number and my ID number and I ain’t see them come back.”

When contacted Boyce, who is also Minister of Health, said he was aware of the situation and was dealing with the matter.

A resident in the area revealed that he was planning to go to Boyce and ask for help for Regis. “He drives by her house every day to get to his constituency office so I am sure he could see that her house is in need of repairs,” the resident said. (MB)