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Straker: Pay your debts

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Straker: Pay your debts

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IF PRIVATE SECTOR businesses do not want to pay what they owe to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), they should be publicly shamed.

This is the opinion of president of the Small Business Association, Dean Straker, who called on all businesses to pay their debts.

“If people owe the Government money they have to get it in, so publish the names. You can’t expect to run around owing people money and not pay,” he said.

“But at the same time if you publish the names you better make sure that you don’t owe those people anything or be willing to offset it. But publish the names so that we as an association or the Barbados Private Sector Association can try to deal with their members,” he added. (TG)

Please read the full story in today’s Saturday Sun, or in the eNATION edition.