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Residents want Lower Estate Quarry shut down

YVETTE BEST, [email protected]

Residents want Lower Estate Quarry shut down

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Shut down and move out.

That was the unanimous decision from residents in the environs of the Lower Estate Quarry, St George, who spoke passionately at a town hall meeting at the Salters Church of God on Tuesday night.

The complained about the discomforts, asthma and other respiratory issues, sinusitis and other effects from what they described as “toxic” fumes and a smell of something burning coming from the quarry operated by Anderson Cherry. 

Cherry, who felt the wrath of the residents for more than three hours, apologised to residents and took full responsibility for the issues they were experiencing.

He pledged to contain the smell, fix the deteriorating road and address the other concerns in the next week.

A committee, made up of residents, parliamentary representative Gline Clarke and some experts, is to liaise with Cherry and his team and report back to the irate residents in two weeks. (YB)