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4 years for cheek shots

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, [email protected]

4 years for cheek shots

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Troy Antonio King trawled the streets of Bridgetown slapping women on their buttocks and running off when they confronted him.

Yesterday, the man who used the acts to fulfil his sexual fantasies was jailed for four years when he reappeared in the No. 2 Supreme Court.

However, because he has spent almost three years on remand, King will only serve one year and 58 days.

King, of Free Hill, Josey Hill, St Lucy, was back in court for sentencing after pleading guilty, in May 2016, to indecently assaulting three women on May 21, 2014. He confessed he assaulted a fourth on June 8, 2015, shortly after he had been released on bail for the three.

Justice Michelle Weekes, who imposed the sentence, said she had taken into consideration all mitigating and aggravating factors.

“Even though the women did not suffer any physical effects, the violation suffered is significant and disconcerting and the adverse effects cannot be minimised,” she declared.

The judge said her starting point for each was four years out of the maximum five years.

However, she explained she had given the indecent assaulter a year off for the guilty pleas on those three offences, but did not apply any to the fourth offence because “that was committed while [King] was on bail”.

Justice Weekes said she had also considered that King had spent 1 038 days or two years and 307 days on remand.

King will spend 58 days in prison for the offences that occurred on May 21, 2014, and one year and 58 days for the one in June 2015.

He was also ordered to receive psychological and psychiatric counselling while in prison.

The matter was prosecuted by Crown Counsel Oliver Thomas.

The court had heard that one of the complainants was entering Cave Shepherd when she noticed a man, who turned out to be King, standing by the door. Her hands were full and one of her friends opened the door for her.

As she entered, she felt someone squeeze her buttocks. After the shock wore off, she asked King if he was an idiot. She moved towards him but he ran.

That same day, another woman was on her way to use the washroom in Cave Shepherd when she felt someone slap her on her buttocks. She confronted the man, who ran away. However, that woman identified him from the store’s camera footage.

Later that day, King squeezed and slapped a woman’s buttocks as she was walking along Fairchild Street.

More than a year later, in June 2015, the fourth woman was walking along Cheapside when she felt someone squeeze her buttocks and say “it felt good”.

That man, King, escaped through the yard of St Mary’s Church but was eventually picked up by police. He was identified by the women.

He told investigators he did not have a girlfriend to fulfil his fantasies and that after each occasion he masturbated. (HLE)