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Foundation new netball champions

RIA GOODMAN, [email protected]

Foundation new netball champions

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CHRIST CHURCH FOUNDATION stopped Springer Memorial from achieving a three-peat to capture the title in the Barbados Secondary Schools Under-19 Netball League yesterday. 

Directed by an extraordinary partnership between goal shooter and winner of the Most Valuable Player award Romancia Odwin and the gifted Chiara Chase wearing the goal attack bib, they shut down Springer’s hopes for the season with a 26-19 win in the final at the Netball Stadium. 

And a proud Foundation coach, Sandrene Jordan, said the victory helped in lifting her spirit.  

“I have to thank the father God above for this win. I was a bit depressed today because of my mom – she is not doing well – and I want to thank the girls. I knew they could do it. Some of them have been playing together for three years in Under-19. The only way I would have seen Foundation losing this game was if they went on the court and played bad netball. Everybody stuck to the game plan, which was playing team defence,” she said. 

Odwin sank 17 of 24 attempts, which included a number of long-range shots, while Chase converted nine of 11. 

The match wouldn’t have gone that way without the impressive mid-court artistry exhibited by wing attack Brianna Holder, wing defence Stephian Straughan and centre Quanya Rudder, who played their hearts out to ensure their passes reached to the progressive circle. 

Springer Memorial managed to move ahead after a number of long-range shots from Jada Smith and changes to the line-up – Sierra Coward replaced Julisa Jones Smith at wing attack; Rhenea Gaskin moved from centre to wing defence; while Julicia Boyce played centre. 

But a score of 8-6 was the last time Springer would take the lead since the next seven goals of the match were scored by Foundation. 

On returning to the court during the third quarter, Springer Memorial made an attempt to get back on track with some nice steals from goal defence Shonte Seale but they continued committing mid-court violations, losing passes and passing without care.  

And with Tricia Phillips and Rashanna Thorne on suspension it was twice as hard for Springer. 

Despite the turnovers Smith was still fighting at the ring, netting three straight shots for Springer.  She went on to shoot 18 of 23 attempts.

With Springer entering the final quarter five goals down, they began to take all the advice given by their coach Julie Phillips throughout scoring four to Foundation’s one at one point. 

But eventually Springer had to settle for being second best.

“I know we were going to win the game I was checking with the timekeeper and I knew how much time was on the clock so I was not uneasy at that time at all,” said Jordan with an ear-to-ear smile. 

In the third place play-off, Queen’s College and Lester Vaughan were staked out in the broiling sun when their game was put on pause in the third quarter after two spectators refused to comply with the orders of the umpire.

“The two were not only up against the fence but were abusing the umpire. We spoke to them, they are both umpires. We decided to restart the game but they still didn’t move. The game directly goes to Queen’s College,” head of the umpires, Carmeta Douglin, told WEEKENDSPORT. (RG)