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Big-hearted Lions

YVETTE BEST, [email protected]

Big-hearted Lions

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The Lions are not allowing hurricanes Irma and Maria to be the 2017 Christmas Grinch.

In addition to spreading the annual Christmas cheer to children and the less fortunate in the different territories, something special is being planned for families in the islands which were devastated by the terrible two.

Governor for District 60B, Sherwin Greenidge, told the DAILY NATION meals would be provided for affected families in those islands on Christmas Day.

Ten islands in one of the regions governed by Greenidge were hard hit. Those included Barbuda, Dominica, St Maarten, Saba, Saint Eustacius, Virgin Gorda, Tortola and St Thomas. Donations for the special treats have been provided from the various districts and Lions International.

“The clubs in those islands are also looking to do some feeding programmes for Christmas. They’re going to get families to come out and at least get a Christmas meal,” he disclosed.

Along with the Christmas spread, Greenidge said some hampers, including food items, would be provided for families.

He was speaking amidst the noise and excitement at the fifth edition of Christmas With The Lions at Ilaro Court on Saturday. He said Christmas was the time when Lions across the region fulfilled their mandate to serve.

“There are many deserving children throughout the Caribbean who at this time look forward to enjoying Christmas, but sometimes may not be able to enjoy Christmas because of circumstances in their homes. So this is where Lions step in to provide an opportunity, like this, so that deserving persons can come out and enjoy Christmas, have visit from Santa Claus, go home with gifts.

“At the same time, be able to have fellowship with children of similar age groups but from different parishes, because it also gives them the opportunity to network at an early age and with friends.”

Chairman of the organising committee for Christmas With The Lions, Maureen Graham, said there was an increase of almost 100 children over the number treated in 2016.

She could not say if the increase meant there were more children in need because of the economic situation, or whether people were sharing the news about the good times they had and others were joining. Whatever the reason, she said the eight clubs and sponsors who joined together to treat the children were pleased to serve.

“It’s really a blessing to see the joy on the children’s face, as they come together on an event like this and really have a wonderful time,” Graham said.

Along with the food and drink which flowed in abundance, children got the opportunity to ride on horseback, get their faces painted, frolic in the jumping tents, sing karaoke, play with the clown and do other fun things. (YB)