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SAVE Foundation seeks volunteers


SAVE Foundation seeks volunteers

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The SAVE Foundation of Barbados needs a home. It also needs volunteers – people who are “prepared to do things” and not just talk.

As it prepares to relaunch this month, chairperson Barbara Daniel-Goddard, who was elected in October, made the call in an interview with the DAILY NATION.

“On our Facebook page we are advertising for members. We’re looking at people who have the time, the energy, and the commitment to commit to what it means, not only to be a volunteer but to be somebody who has the necessary skills to go out into the community.

“We can’t just send people out to talk about domestic violence unless they have a good grasp of what is actually involved,” she said.

She said that SAVE Foundation would train those who stepped forward.

“All volunteers will be trained accordingly and to different levels.When people join us now I am being very focused on them not only getting trained, but having a good understanding of working in a domestic violence environment . . . .

“This will be something we will be engaging in in 2018,” said Daniel-Goddard, a counsellor for the past four years.

The chairperson said that this year, the organisation, which champions the anti-domestic violence cause, will also be looking to establish an office, which was necessary to host workshops, training sessions and programmes, as well as a forum where people could access the right information. (GBM)