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PREVIOUSLY IN POLITICS: Mascoll slips into DLP mode

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PREVIOUSLY IN POLITICS: Mascoll slips into DLP mode

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The early months of the year have frequently been politically active ones in Barbados with three previous elections being held in January (1991, 1999 and 2008) and one in February (2013). Over the next few weeks, will be going down the political memory lane with a look back at the sights, sounds, stories and scandals that made headlines Previously in Politics.


January 4, 2008

IT WAS A MAJOR SLIP OF THE TONGUE for Clyde Mascoll, when on a Barbados Labour Party platform he started to tell supporters why they had to return the Democratic Labour Party to power.

Mascoll, the BLP candidate for the St Michael North West constituency quickly recognised the error and corrected himself, apologising to those who gathered at Bay Street Esplanade.

But even if he didn’t realise it, the crowd of supporters let out a loud chorus of “no’s” – a clear indication that this slip was unacceptable. It was the first time Mascoll was appearing on a BLP platform since leaving the DLP, and relinquishing the position as leader.

Mascoll, however, quickly regained the favour of the crowd, assuring them he would never return to the DLP.

“I want to say it here publicly. You do not have to fear because I know there would be lingering doubts about whether or not I am committed member of the BLP.

“But you must feel that I give my every tissue to this party in order to ensure betterment for the people of Barbados. And I am going to say publicly I will never return to the DLP.” (CM)