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Joy after life in White Hill

CARLOS ATWELL, [email protected]

Joy after life in White Hill

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While some folk in White Hill, St Andrew are against any attempt to relocate them, the ones who have moved are singing praises.

In some cases, relocation was a must as the very foundation of their houses was slipping away, as was the case with Sylvia Grant.

Having lived in White Hill most her life, she said moving was hard, but she was happy.

Grant has been in Farmers, St Thomas, since July and her only issues are with a minor paint job and the overgrown bush on vacant lots, a problem most residents have.

“In front my house was falling away so I had to move. I’m glad to get away from that and have a place where I can feel settled,” she said.

Back in White Hill, she said it was precarious from one day to the next.

“Can you imagine waiting for years with cracks appearing in your house? To even get in my house I had to go through the church next door. Here, the only thing I had to do was get a walkway made as it was all mud in front here,” she said.

Kaylene Cadogan has been a St Thomas resident for the past two years. She said the bush was a big problem and if it weren’t for her six cats, she would have had a major rat problem. Still, she said it was better than the alternative.

“Down in White Hill was considered dangerous so we moved. I was glad to get here because two of my children go to Hillaby Turners Hall, and before had to depend on the shuttle. Now they’re a lot closer to school,” she said.

As for those who remained, she said she felt badly for them and wished them the best.

DaCosta Mose also moved from St Andrew two years ago. He said his house had been deteriorating for a long time, so when the opportunity was given, he jumped at it.

“The house I was in was getting bad, even before the road brek ‘way so imagine how bad things got after. Who wouldn’t want to get out? I feel good to be here, I can get to work easier,” he said.

Mose also had an issue with the vacant overgrown lots, saying it was necessary for a bobcat to come and clear some of them.

As for the remaining White Hill residents he said: “Who want to stop, could stop but I would like to see all the rest of the people there move, because out there real dread.”

Patricia Phillips was one of the first to relocate. She has been living in Farmers for four years and has no regrets.

“Things going good, I love it here. When I come home from work, I don’t have to hustle to catch a Shorey Village bus before the last one gone. I was lucky. After the road collapsed, I was moved within a couple months’ time,” she said.

Phillips said she used to be afraid in her own home when it rained heavily so it was a big relief to finally be able to sleep securely in the knowledge the ground beneath her feet was staying put. (CA)