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Minor rule changes for Agrofest livestock shows


Minor rule changes for Agrofest livestock shows

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Two adjustments have been made to the Rules and Regulations for Livestock Exhibits for Agrofest 2018, relating to the dress code for participants and the feeding of the animals.

In an effort to create standardisation among participants, officials have modified rule 14 which now states that “all exhibitors or handlers entering the show ring MUST be appropriately attired in a white T-shirt, a dark coloured [long] pair of jeans or slacks and enclosed shoes”.

No shorts, slippers or sandals will be permitted. Persons are also reminded that the bibs provided to them during the shows are the property of Agrofest and should be returned at the end of the event.

Officials have also added a new rule, number 26, which states that neither  “the Agrofest Secretariat nor the Barbados Agricultural Society will take responsibility for any incidents caused to a farmer’s animals as a result of the farmer taking control of feeding their own animals whilst at the exhibition”.
However, Agrofest organisers are reminding exhibitors that they provide a feeding service at the event and they can opt to utilise this.

Agrofest 2018 will be held from February 23 to 25 under the theme Youth! Farming the Future. (BGIS)