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$20 million bill for sewage fix


$20 million bill for sewage fix

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It is going to cost at least $20 million to deal with the sewage overflows on the south coast.

So says Barbados Water Authority (BWA) general manager Keithroy Halliday, who yesterday revealed the authority was in a race against time to once and for all solve the problem.

“With respect to Barbados, a lot of the costing has been done. There are a lot of intangible costs we have not even put into the costing. But we see that this will easily be between at least $10 and $20 million at the start to at least return this operation to some semblance of normalcy,” Halliday said during a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since late 2016, sewage has bubbled intermittently on the south coast due to a series of issues with both the network and the South Coast Sewage Plant in Graeme Hall.

The BWA has implemented a number of features to mitigate those overflows including a bypass pump in Worthing, the reactivation of a lift station in Bay Street and the disconnection of sewage hit properties from the network.

Additionally, Halliday said the BWA was making use of further mitigation efforts as they realised there were fractures in the inlet line, causing groundwater to penetrate the system. (BARBADOS NATION)