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SRLF loan application deadlines


SRLF loan application deadlines

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Members of the public are advised that the Student Revolving Loan Fund (SRLF) is accepting applications from students seeking loans for local, regional, international and online studies.

Applicants must ensure that institutions and programmes of study are accredited. Additionally, final approval is subject to the decision of the Student Revolving Loan Fund Management Committee.

All applications will be done through the SRLF’s website: and applicants should observe the deadlines relevant to their studies, since no applications will be accepted beyond stated deadlines.

The deadlines are: international/online studies, May 1, 2018; regional studies, June 29, 2018; and local studies, July 20, 2018.

Interested people should note that applications are not considered complete until all the information required is submitted to the Student Revolving Loan Fund’s office. However, an exception is made for acceptance letters, which may be submitted once received from the institution.

For further information, to apply or to make an appointment to see an officer, persons may visit (BGIS)