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Lashley knocks ‘partisan’ academics

YVETTE BEST, [email protected]

Lashley knocks ‘partisan’ academics

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Some of the academics associated with the University of the West Indies have taken a beating for their “partisan” and “political” views.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, levelled his criticisms when he delivered the weekly Astor B. Watts Lunchtime Lecture at the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) George Street Auditorium on Friday.

He spoke on the achievements of the DLP in his presentation entitled Point The Way Forward For Our Country, during the weekly Astor B. Watts Lunchtime Lecture series.

“One of my concerns today has to do with the University of the West Indies in terms of how [its] intellectual resources are being utilised to assist with economic planning, not only in Barbados but across the region. There has been a reluctance to carefully and objectively analyse the economy of Barbados in a way that persons can understand.

“And the reason for that, it appears to me, is that quite a number of the academics or persons who have the ability to analyse the economy and explain to Barbadians, have now become politicians. And within the context of the media, you have seen some of them writing profusely . . . . Their commentary is not focused on analysis; their commentary is tainted by partisan political opportunism,” he said.

While not divulging names, Lashley said some of the academics were on record with their views.

“I believe that going forward, particularly as it relate to economic analysis, we’re going to have to appeal to the university to, perhaps, have some objective thinkers coming to the fore . . . . Not only of this Government in Barbados, but governments across the region . . . .” (YB)