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Waiting five years for a response


Waiting five years for a response

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I wanted to know if there are others who are as equally upset with the Inland Revenue/Revenue Authority as I am?

Since June 2014 I have unsuccessfully tried to access my income tax refund; 2014 was the year of the voucher, but I remained “voucherless”.

The “nice” programme seems not to apply in this instance, since no one has bothered to be “nice” enough to reply to one of the numerous letters, and telephone call. My money is tied into my vote.

Should it take literally five years to receive an accident investigation report in which liability has already been accepted by the offending driver. I have been waiting to exhale since August 30, 2013, for this supposedly “routine” report, since liability has already been accepted.

Is a four- to five-year wait the norm for Government to respond to queries?