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Transparency a must when dealing with public funds


Transparency a must when dealing with public funds

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There seems to be a growing number of Barbadian voters who are uncomfortable, or may be incensed, over the continuation of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government beyond the dissolution of Parliament.

I strongly believe that this DLP Government is acting immorally by not abiding by the democratic traditions of past administrations.

Therefore, if I were to become Prime Minister in the new administration after the elections, I would immediately proceed to:

(1) challenge the sale of the Four Seasons property;

(2) tear up any sale agreement over the Hilton hotel;

(3) dismiss any workers brought on to the National Conservation Commission or the Barbados Water Authority;

(4) fully investigate the delivery of Government housing units to see if they were fairly distributed to deserving tenants;

(5) revoke the appointment of any top personnel to overseas positions;

(6) review any ministerial policy decision such as the awarding of the contract to rebuild the Empire Theatre by Preconco;

(7) and all other decisions involving substantial sums of public funds carried out within this 90-day period.


This would be the start of my campaign as prime minister for greater transparency and integrity in Government.

After this, I would turn my attention to a reconstitution of the Public Accounts Committee to deal specifically with decision making at the highest political level, exposing politicians to greater public scrutiny. I would also propose a jail term for the misuse of public funds.

Secondly, I would do the same with the Auditor General’s Office to ensure that public funds are not spent without proper documentation. Instant dismissal would be my recommendation for not adhering to the guidelines governing the disbursement of public funds.

Barbadians, both DLP and Barbados Labour Party supporters, are demanding greater prudence in the administration of public funds.

– Dan C. Carter