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Family Planning needs millions

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Family Planning needs millions

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After being badly affected by a fire over the weekend, the Barbados Family Planning Association (BFPA) will have to seek millions of dollars to restore its offices.

Chief financial officer Sonya Alleyne told a press conference at the Barbados Diabetes Foundation, Warrens, St Michael, yesterday that because of the medical services provided, it would take at least five $5 million to get the organisation running again.

The fire destroyed a significant portion of the operations, and made the remaining buildings on the old Ministry of Health property at Jemmotts Lane unusable. Twenty-four employees and more than 30 clients were impacted.

However, Alleyne said staff would be reassigned and there would be no job losses.

Acting executive director Anderson Langdon, president Ruth Phillips, director of clinical services Dr Shanae Gill and brand champion Kirk Brown were also present.




“We are unable to continue business as usual due to this tragedy. Several critical services have been impacted, including breast lump removals, prostate and cervical cancer screenings, screening for gender-based violence, the Adolescent Young Mothers Programme, our schools programme and antenatal care delivery,” Langdon said. 

Gill said there were 12 000 visits and over 76 000 services provided to clients last year.  To accommodate requests the association has set up an appointments hotline at its temporary location.

Gill said they were working on fundraising activities and expressed her gratitude on behalf of the BFPA to the Ministry of Health, Brown and other agencies who lent support. (TG)